We started from being a pharmaceutical distributor to the national distributor and distribution center of pharmaceuticals

medical equipment, and healthcare products and now we are ready to expand product groups 

and services to enhance the health security for everyone.

Orex Trading Company Limited (Orex) was established on December 24, 1981, to operate the business as a distributor and distribution center of pharmaceutical products, medical equipment, and health products. Also, to support and enhance medical treatments, health care, and the country’s public health system to be more effective as well as create good health and sustainable happiness for everyone. 


At the beginning of Orex, we imported x-ray films from European countries. We also created a one-stop service for medical products. We then expanded into healthcare products such as herbal medicine, cosmetic, and medical equipment and adjusted the service form to be more comprehensive. We also built a modern warehouse that brings operating systems (software) to work

with innovative machinery from abroad and allocated space to store each product type carefully to provide an efficient inventory system. Orex is now a trusted distributor responsible for procuring and distributing medical products to Thailand’s health authorities and other ASEAN countries.


With Orex’s corporate philosophy and strong determination to integrity, we manage the organization effectively and are trusted by the manufacturers and distributors of pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, dietary supplements, and health products worldwide. It allows us to distribute products to hospitals, pharmacies, and communities, gaining awareness and confidence as a trusted importer.

To be the distributor and standard distribution center leader for medical, health & beauty products. We also grow sustainably

together with our partners.

“To be excellent Distributor & Distribution Center with 

International Standard for Healthcare Products”


O” Providing ON TIME delivery


R” Promising our work with high RESPONSIBILITY To partner ,employees and planet


E” Doin the EXELLENCE SERVICES in distributor and distribution center


X” Working with EXPERTISE in field to drive our goal and commitment